Mission & Values

Why Sustainability?

Everything that we do has a ripple effect. Every choice, action, and belief, will either put us in the direction we want to go or keep us on a path we no longer want to be on. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, it’s more than just a business term, marketing phrase or a way to explain resources. Sustainability is a philosophy and way of life. Sustainability is about awareness of that ripple effect and taking accountability of the impact our choices have on our quality of life. As a sustainability leader, you get to choose how to make your businesses have a positive impact but how your life more sustainable so we can keep focusing on the path we want to be on so we can get to where we want to be 

Why Veggies?

My health and wellness journey started at a young age when I became curious about how to become the healthiest version of myself. I started to see and feel the benefits of nutrition, exercising regularly, and being hydrated. But then I started to learn about the importance of the quality of these things and the impacts they have on my health and the environment. I started learning about the importance of buying organic, and why it wasn’t only better for my health but better for the food, the farmers, and the soil. I then began to understand how important our environment is, and how badly we need to protect it. If a flower doesn’t bloom do we blame the flower or the environment it’s in? It wasn’t until I made this connection that I started realizing how our health and wellness goes beyond eating whole foods, getting a good sleep and moving your body, but about the intention behind them and how they impact our thoughts. It’s about where our food comes from, the air we’re breathing and the quality of our breaths. It’s about our mindset, gratitude and self awareness that allow us to become our healthiest versions. 

Why Act Now?

“We are one of the first generations to feel the impact of climate change but also the only one that can do something about it”

We are living in a climate crisis. But we also have the ability to make real change and be eco leaders of our future. We need conscious business leaders who want to make positive impact. Are you a business Leader that wants to make sustainable change? Are you concerned with the current state of our planet and conscious of what your ripple affect will have on this world? Are you wanting to leave this world a better place for your children and future generations?

About Me:

I went to school for environmental policy. It is here that I learned about systemic issues and how to address the climate crisis from a policy perspective to make real sustainable change. During my undergrad I also studied psychology and it was in this space that i made the connection of how our biggest barrier to climate change wasn’t the lack of technology or public policy, it was the lack of attitudes and behaviours about climate change. It was the lack of connection between our health and the planet’s health. It was the lack of awareness from how our everyday thoughts and actions cause a  ripple effect.  

I decided I wanted to help others make that connection. I wanted to inspire others to care, to believe in their actions and to empower them to make sustainable choices. I believe in those who want to make this world a better place and the eco leaders who are going to take us there. If you are here that means you care, you have ideas and you believe in a sustainable future.